Background details Part 1 : Large scale mosaic

In February 2013 I submitted my initial ideas for   this project

I was one of 8 chosen artists invited to make a detailed proposal for the project.
First site visit  was in April 2013

Proposal Mark 1 . 

None of the shortlisted artist were chosen and it was decided to wait until the school was open before proceeding with the commission. 

In  January 2014 I was asked to re-submit a revised proposal 

There was a new site visit  to the newly opened school  

Proposal mark 2 was submitted and accepted . 

A  visit to each class  was  arranged and pupils were asked to do drawings and written word excercises. 

The pupils work was collected . 
Thre was over 2,000 pictures to look at.  

These are the shortlisted chosen pictures . 

The drawing for the large scale mosaic was then finalised.